Here's 5 things that need to be fixed in Titanfall 2 before launch


This past weekend saw the first Titanfall 2 Technical Test, as Respawn recruited players from around the world to stress test their servers.

Despite warnings that the Titanfall 2 build on offer was in a pre-Alpha state, I’ve seen quite a bit of (often angry) dissent about changes Respawn have injected into the Titanfall formula.

EA often do high-profile public tests for upcoming games, with Star Wars Battlefront landing last year, and Battlefield 1 coming later in the month. As more and more of our games come with increasingly complex online features, these sorts of tests are becoming the norm, but it they also threaten to derail the hype train when treated as demonstrations of finished products.

EA and Respawn have both stated that they are listening to feedback about the changes present in Titanfall 2, and they really ought to because some of the new features do little to enhance Titanfall’s beloved, blisteringly fast-paced formula.

Here are the main concerns I think Respawn need to address in Titanfall 2 before the game launches on October 28th, 2016.

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