Heart&Slash for Xbox One review: Cut my robo-heart into pieces


Heart&Slash is a hack and slash/roguelike brawler developed by aheartfulofgames and published via id@Xbox.

This fast paced and frenetic robot brawler will have you spin slashing as Heart, a robot who thinks the machines should be allowed to keep their own identities, and fight against standardization. The Quality Assurance System (QuAsSy) wants all machines of their type to look and perform the same.

With 6 characters to play as, a whopping 135 pieces of equipment to collect and upgrade, and 93 (yes, count them) enemies, this is a game of epic proportions, for what started as a lowly Kickstarter campaign.

So let me start off my thoughts on Heart&Slash by saying I love roguelike games; I love the versatility that the genre is built upon. They’re generally made of levels of basements or floors which are randomly generated at the beginning of each play. The goal is to reach the end by collecting more items and upgrades which make you more powerful, so you can take on harder enemies. The items and upgrades are randomly selected too, so no playthrough will ever have the same ones making how you tackle each run a new challenge every time.

It’s a niche market which is rapidly growing, having found its roots as far back as the 1980’s. Roguelike genre games haven’t often found themselves at the forefront of indie games libraries, with the exception of games like The Binding of Isaac or Don’t Starve most recently.

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