Have Anthem's early performance issues been fixed?


Anthem is available now in early access on EA Access for Xbox and Origin Access for PC. But is it ready for the prime time?

Anthem is expected to officially launch on February 22, 2019, for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. It’s a connected-world shooter that’s similar to Destiny and Warframe, with an emphasis on loot and co-operative play. Squads of up to four “Freelancers,” armed with different types of robotic exoskeletons can soar through the skies of a mysterious alien world, with a history shrouded in vague memories and apocryphal artifacts. Gameplay revolves around taking down huge monsters, nefarious factions, and leveling up, with various ways to progress your character and your range of Javelin exosuits.

Anthem is available now as part of an EA Access trial on Xbox One and Origin Access on PC. But with the memory of the buggy, clunky, sub-optimized “demo” period in mind, is Anthem finally ready and polished up? Heck, yes … for the most part.

Here are some early Anthem impressions on Xbox One X, ahead of the game’s full launch next week.

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