Hands-on with Xbox One's original-Xbox backward compatibility


After spending some time with original Xbox backward compatibility, we can say you should expect a wave of nostalgia this fall.

Previously this year, as a part of the E3 2017 Xbox press conference, Microsoft announced an expansion of its backward compatibility program to original Xbox titles. Following up on its Xbox 360 equivalent that allowed Xbox One owners to play select games from their existing libraries, the program’s latest evolution opens the console to three generations of gaming.

Earlier this month, we had a chance to get hands-on with original Xbox backward compatibility, as a part of a showcase for Microsoft’s Xbox platform offerings in the months to come. Paired with the classic party game “Fuzion Frenzy,” this provided the opportunity to see how backward compatibility is shaping up on current hardware, as well as what to expect from the feature this fall.

A decade later, it’s exactly as you remember

Like its Xbox 360 counterpart, original Xbox backward compatibility is achieved through emulation, by digitally imitating the environment of the original hardware. Despite the differences in hardware and the OS, these games run in an application similar to games built for the Xbox One.

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