Hands on with Resident Evil Umbrella Corps, Capcom's zombie-filled shooter


Capcom’s Resident Evil series has long been an unusually malleable franchise. Resident Evil started as a “survival horror” game on the original PlayStation. Resident Evil 4 added a strong focus on third-person shooting and action, RE5 added co-op, and RE6 was a terrible mess that brought shame to the families of its development staff. We’ve also seen RE spin-offs like the light gun-style Umbrella Chronicles, the disappointing third-person co-op shooter Operation Raccoon City, and the surprisingly good Revelations 2.

Hot on the heels of the recently-released Resident Evil Zero remaster, Capcom will soon release a new competitive third-person shooter called Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps on Steam and PlayStation 4. I recently played Umbrella Corps at PAX South and came away impressed with its team-based multiplayer, fast pace, and AI-controlled zombies. Read on for our detailed impressions and developer interview and gameplay video!

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