Hands-on with Minecraft Dungeons, Xbox Game Studio's most important E3 2019 reveal


At E3 2019, the biggest surprise for me wasn’t Gears, Halo, or even Keanu Reeves (but okay, that was a pretty big surprise). Instead, it was Minecraft Dungeons. Here’s why.

At E3 2019, Microsoft unveiled Minecraft Dungeons gameplay for the first time, showing us that it takes stronger cues from the likes of Diablo than any other similar game. The earlier teaser from a few months ago made me wonder if it was more of a Left 4 Dead-style game, but the isometric 3D action RPG combat in the latest trailer is unmistakable in all the right ways.

As good as Minecraft Dungeons looked on-screen, it felt even better. A small team at Mojang is working on the title, and even though the game is almost a year away from its launch window, the demo I played already had all the depth, polish, and addictive loot to leave me quite honestly desperate for more.

Here’s a little glimpse into Minecraft Dungeons, from our hands-on session at E3 2019, ahead of its targeted Spring 2020 launch window.

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