Halo Wars 2 is getting a wave of juicy DLC this month on Xbox One and Windows 10


Halo Wars 2 is getting a hot-drop of content that any ODST Helljumper would be proud of. Here’s everything you need to know.

343 Industries crewman Jeff Easterling (codenamed “GrimBrotherOne”) went in-depth into this month’s Halo Wars 2 DLC content that’s set to arrive later this month on Halo Waypoint yesterday. Lots of good stuff is on the way — so strap on your armor, get in your drop pod, and let’s jump feet first into the first of the two DLC items: the ODST-themed Operation: SPEARBREAKER story expansion.

Operation: SPEARBREAKER: A character driven, boots-on-the-ground narrative

Operation: Spearbreaker will see the player take control of a tightly-knit group of ODSTs — some of the best troops that Captain Cutter has in his arsenal — over the course of two missions. The expansion is being marketed as a grittier, intimate experience compared to the base campaign’s style of narrative. Jeff Easterling himself had this to say:

Ironically, in some small ways it almost feels reminiscent of another more intimate “expanded” Halo experience – one that also happened to center around a rough-and-tumble band of Helljumpers.

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