GRID preview: It's back and it's even better than you could have hoped for


Codemasters’ reboot of a famous old franchise has me very excited and having now finally played it, it does not disappoint.

As a fan of racing games, Codemasters has a special place in my heart. Going right back to the days of Colin McRae Rally and TOCA Touring Car Championship, I’ve been playing their racers since the good old days of the original PlayStation. Codemasters didn’t just have the licenses, they made racing games that you wanted to play. They were fun.

From the ashes of the (sadly) short-lived TOCA series came GRID, a new franchise with the focus a little away from traditional racing championships. After three releases things went quiet, but in 2019, GRID is back. It’s not a sequel, it’s a complete reboot, and in a year without a new Forza game to steal attention, the spotlight is here for the taking.

Having now, at last, got my hands on GRID, I’m more excited than ever before for this to launch.

Like No Other


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GRID is all grown up and boy is it good

A strong contender to be your next favorite racing game. It’s even better than you hoped it would be.

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