Google Maps and Translate are being merged into the ultimate travel app


Google Maps is getting language lessons from Google Translate, enabling it to pronounce foreign place names for you and help you hold conversations in the local language.

When you're traveling overseas, tapping a location in the app will present you with a card containing essential information, pictures and reviews, plus a speaker icon that you can tap to hear how its name is pronounced.

It will also play the address out loud, which could be extremely useful for directing a taxi driver without struggling to show them the map from the back seat (always an awkward maneuver).

Wherever you may roam

As Android Police explains, Google Maps' new translation tool will activate automatically when you travel to a location where the local language is different from your native tongue.

It will also provide a handy link to the actual Google Translate app, so you can start a more detailed conversation without having to hunt for the correct language in the menus first.

It's launching for iOS and Android within the next few weeks with support for 50 languages, and more are expected to arrive soon after.

Source: TechRadar

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