Get to know the leveling systems in Battlefield 1


How does class leveling work in Battlefield 1?

In Battlefield 1‘s multiplayer, there are actually two systems that you progress through: class rank and overall rank. Here’s an explanation of both to help you unlock upgrades and new weapons for your favorite class.

Your overall rank

Your soldier’s overall rank has no bearing on the game other than earning you war bonds each time you move up a level. Oh, yeah, there’s also the prestige and bragging rights amongst your friends and enemies that come with having a high level. The maximum level right now seems to be 100, but that will likely increase with each expansion pack as we saw with Battlefield 4.

To gain levels, you just play the game in any fashion — hop in a tank and wreak havoc, pilot a behemoth airship when your team falls behind, or play as any of the classes available.

Any score you accrue from any means goes toward your overall rank. When you level up, you receive a set number of war bonds — the number increases as you reach higher levels — that can then be used to purchase gadgets and weapons. All gadgets are available for purchase when you begin the game, but weapons are not.

Here’s what each item costs:

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