Gears 5 'Versus' multiplayer test shows piles of potential


Gears 5 recently held a public tech test, showcasing a promising taste of what multiplayer will be like at launch.

I’ve been a Gears of War fan for a long time. Campaign, multiplayer, Horde, I love it all. So when Gears 5 was first revealed, I was ecstatic. Everything The Coalition has talked about since seems fantastic: a bigger campaign with Kait as the protagonist, big changes coming to multiplayer, and more. Naturally, when the Versus Tech Test opened up, I dove in headfirst.

Boots on, soldier

Before being allowed into any of the multiplayer modes, I was thrown into Bootcamp, a tutorial designed to introduce new players to how things work. As I made my way through the Bootcamp, I was immediately impressed. For starters, this game is gorgeous. It’s 4K 60 frames per second (FPS) on Xbox One X, so every detail looks immaculate and it feels wonderfully smooth. On top of that, the HDR used here isn’t just good, it’s downright sublime. Gears of War 4 was no slouch but The Coalition has completely blown their prior work out of the water. Highlights on the characters’ armor, reflections, explosions, it all looks stunning.

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