Gears 5 team talks Xbox One tech, PC promises, 4K ambition


Delving into the technology powering Gears 5 – and how it elevates the adventure on Xbox and PC.

Microsoft soon delivers its fifth Gears of War entry, spinning its bestselling franchise with a fresh palette. The heavyweight shooter once again sets out to elevate the Xbox lineup, building upon series’ celebrated trio of narrative-driven campaigns, cooperative Horde, and competitive Versus multiplayer. And with high technical ambitions, Gears 5 packs considerable underlying handiwork to pull the package together.

Gears 5 is the latest showpiece on Xbox One and PC, cranking up visual capabilities and design opportunities. Alongside an early hands-on, we sat down with Mike Rayner, Technical Director at The Coalition, for a deeper dive under the hood.

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Gears 5 raises the stakes with Microsoft’s latest evolution of the brutal shooter series. Amazon is currently offering the game at the cheapest price we’ve found, just $50. The game is expected to be released on September 10, 2019, while the $80 Ultimate Edition grants four-day early access.

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