Frostpunk on Xbox One review: A frozen wasteland has never been more entertaining


Frostpunk has finally arrived on Xbox One, and this industry-leading strategy game is now quite easily the best on the console.

Frostpunk is an award-winning survival strategy simulation game on PC, but it’s now making its way over to Xbox One and PS4, finally, allowing a whole new audience to get their frost-bitten mitts on this landmark title.

Frostpunk is set in an apocalyptic Britain, where a new ice age has wiped out much of civilization. The remnants of humanity try to carve out a nomadic lifestyle with scrappy steampunk technology.

Frostpunk is built by the team behind This War of Mine, and like that game, it pulls absolutely no punches with its tough choices.

Here’s why Frostpunk is now the best strategy simulation game on Xbox today.

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