Flip + Pirate Factory for Windows 10 Mobile, solve crazy puzzles and build robots


Flip + Pirate Factory is a fun, casually paced game where you solve puzzles to help assemble new robots at the local Pirate Factory. Available for Windows 10 Mobile, the game presents you with a board filled with colored and white tiles. The goal of Flip + Pirate Factory is to flip the tiles to change the board into a solid color.

While this sounds easy, you can only flip the white tiles and whenever you tap a block, it flips its own color and its neighbors color on a cross shape. Flip + Pirate Factory has over 180 puzzles to solve where the challenges go from simple and easy to crazy hard. Each puzzle requires a little strategy and with each completed puzzle, energy is transferred and used to build robots.

Flip + Pirate Factory is one of those puzzle games that is easy to pick up and learn, but difficult to master. Graphics are colorful and puzzle play can drive you nuts. The free gaming title is perfect when you need to waste some time.

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