Fight the Shadows with today's myAppFree Deal, League of Stickmen for Windows 10


League of Stickmen is a Windows 10 game for those who prefer games with a fast pace and plenty of action. The gaming title has you taking leading of a team of warriors, the Stickmen, who are in the midst of a battle with the Shadow Minions who have plunged the world into darkness.

Graphics for League of Stickmen match the mood of a battlefield where you face off against a range of shadowy foes. Gameplay is quick and if you are not careful, the Shadow Minions can easily overtake your heroes and end the game.

Normally priced at $0.99, through the help of the myAppFree promotion, you can pick up League of Stickmen free over the next twenty-four hours. Along with being available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, League of Stickmen is also available for Windows Phone 8.1. The League of Stickmen is an entertaining combat game and a fun way to pass the time.

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