Fallout simulator Sheltered now more dangerous on Xbox One and Steam


With Fallout 4 currently eating up many a gamer’s precious recreation time, it’s easy to forget that other post-apocalyptic games have come out this year too. Mad Max sort of came and went, a victim of a crowded release season. And on Xbox One and Steam, a little game called Sheltered surprisingly deals with many of the same themes as the Fallout series. Plus it keeps growing!

Team17 and Unicube’s Sheltered is a fallout shelter simulator – sort of like the mobile game Fallout Shelter but far more complex. Sheltered currently exists as part of the Xbox One Preview Program and Steam Early Access, where the developers continue to enhance and refine its simulation aspects and gameplay. Today Sheltered gets a huge update that adds raids, loyalty, horses, and more. Read on for full update details!

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