Fallout Shelter review: The post-nuclear world is way more fun than you'd think


Fallout Shelter is a challenging, time-consuming Windows 10 game in which you build and maintain an underground vault that becomes a home to dwellers who have survived the dangers of the nuclear wasteland.

Fallout Shelter is from the creators of the popular console game Fallout and is available for Windows 10 PC and Xbox One consoles. The free game has plenty of in-app purchase opportunities, and it places you in control of a state-of-the-art, underground vault and its occupants. You begin by maintaining core resource generators and slowly expand the vault’s features by adding medical bays, radio rooms, training rooms and more.

Graphics are outstanding in Fallout Shelter, and the gameplay may be the most challenging we have seen in a city-builder-style game. We’ve already delivered a comprehensive guide to survival for Fallout Shelter, and today we focus on the gaming experience this Windows 10 game offers. It is a fun game, but it does require a level of commitment to have any hope of surviving the dangers of the wasteland.

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