Fallout 76 BETA bug deletes 50GB install, next session extended


Bethesda nuked your Fallout 76 BETA install – but you can play for longer on Thursday.

While the Fallout 76 B.E.T.A. test has been underway on Xbox One since October 23, the trial just extended to PlayStation 4 and Windows PCs. A strange bug surfaced throughout this expansion, deleting 50GB game installations across some platforms.

Bethesda’s upcoming multiplayer role-playing game is among this year’s hottest releases, with pre-release access granted alongside paid preorders. Trials are underway over the coming days and servers go live during a set schedule of dates and times. And with a four-hour session first headed all platforms, pre-loading the game was near-essential to play during the timeframe.

As the BETA’s 7 p.m. ET arrival neared, users reported game installations were restarting on PC and Xbox One. For PC users, issues seemingly stemmed from the in-house Bethesda launcher, used in favor of rival established digital storefronts like Steam. Bethesda was quick to confirm it was “actively investigating” the issue, advising players to let the download complete if affected. For those with data caps or slow download speeds, we feel your pain.

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