FABric Animals starring Emily – hop, skip and jump through this Windows Phone endless runner


FABric Animals starring Emily is an enjoyable endless runner game in the Windows Phone that is designed for our younger gamers, but I suspect that kids of all ages (and that means some of you adults) will find it to be a fun game too. The core game is an endless runner style game where you guide the game’s main character, Emily, through a series of platform challenges.

FABric Animals also has a few mini-games to help pass the time such as a coloring book where you can customize fabric animals. Graphics are well drawn up and game play not overly difficult to frustrate a young gamer, but challenging enough not to be too easy.

In playing FABric Animals over the past few days, it comes across as a nice option to have tucked away in your Windows Phone game library and should appeal to a wide range of age groups.

Your main menu for FABric Animals starring Emily has a host of options that includes access to the mini-games, access to the game’s gallery, access to the main gaming mode, access to your high scores and access to the game’s store.

First stop is the mini-games. You begin the game with access to the first mini-game, which is a coloring book full of fabric animals. As you play the main game and collect new fabric animals, the additional four mini-games become unlocked. You can view the fabric animals you collect in the gallery.

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