Everything you need to know about Resident Evil 7: Biohazard


20 years ago, Capcom unleashed a terrifying franchise upon the world. 2017 sees its return in a more photorealistic and terrifying way than ever.

Resident Evil is Capcom’s most successful franchise, with the main series plot involving many different characters and their roles in the zombie outbreaks, and later, other monsters and biological weapons. Resident Evil was the game that gave the genre survival horror its name. It’s a pretty big deal. And now it’s coming to the Xbox One.

This is the 27th Resident Evil release and the franchise has taken many twists and turns in terms of style over the years. We’ve seen light guns, on-rails shooters (RE: The Darkside Chronicles), zombies that aren’t zombies (I’m looking at you here, RE4) and we’ve seen huge, squishy animated biohazardous waste material with teeth for a face (RE: Revelations). The ‘main’ releases, such as Resident Evil 1-6, also changed with the times, going from true survival horror to an action shooter. With such a dynamic and diverse history, what can we expect from Resident Evil 7?

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