Elgato Wave 3 review: Condenser mic and mix studio all in one


Elgato’s first foray into condenser microphones is an impressive one.

Elgato is known primarily for its capture cards. Still, the Corsair-owned company also produces a range of industry-standard streaming tools, including the Elgato Green Screen, and the handy Elgato Stream Deck.

To complete the set, the firm has now unveiled a range of condenser microphones, including the Elgato Wave 3 we’re reviewing here today. You may be able to score a deal on this too for Amazon Prime Day, which is rapidly approaching. The recommended retail price is $160, so anything below that should be a genuine deal, although stock shortages have pushed up the price in the past. Hopefully, they’ll be replenished for Amazon Prime Day when the time comes.

This microphone touts a range of useful capabilities for streamers, but is it worth the asking price? Let’s take a look (and listen).

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