Elgato Stream Deck is an essential gadget for serious game streamers


Elgato announced its Stream Deck keypad a short while ago, and it instantaneously went on my wish list.

At Windows Central, we stream games every Thursday and Saturday on our Beam.pro channel. We do a lot of giveaways, but our streams have often lacked the GIFs, sound effects, and other forms of visual flair that’s typical of other pro streams found across Twitch and Beam.

That ends TODAY!

Elgato’s Stream Deck is an amazing USB peripheral that gives you access to 15 dedicated, programmable buttons, complete with their own icons, text labels, and on/off states. There are other hotkey decks out there, particularly in professional studio settings, but Elgato masterfully made the process easy, affordable, and intuitive, following the success of its industry-leading screen capture card line.

If you’re a streamer, you have to consider the Elgato Stream Deck. Here’s why.

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