EE takes on Vodafone and Three with unlimited data SIM only and phone deals


Much like 5G, unlimited data seems like the cool new trend for the big networks. Three kicked off the movement, Vodafone recently followed suit and now, EE has come to join the party.

In a similar vein to its competition, EE is offering both unlimited data SIM only deals and phone contracts. And for those with a need for speed, EE is also offering unlimited data on its range of 5G deals on the likes of the iPhone XR, Huawei P30 Pro and brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

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"The ultimate smartphone experience"

But, this is all stuff that other retailers have already been offering – how does EE differ? Firstly and most obviously is EE's speeds. As the UK's fastest 4G network, EE is offering the ability to stream, social and scroll to your hearts content, while still enjoying your impressive speeds.

On top of speeds, EE's unlimited plans also offer up to 120GB of giftable data to give to your friends on EE, the use of EE's Swappable Benefits (which you can find out about below) and absolutely no speed caps.

Edward Geoff, EE's Marketing Director said: "Our new unlimited range offers customers the ultimate smartphone experience in more places across the UK than any other network, all with no speed caps and great swappable benefits like Amazon Prime Video and BT Sport.”

With all of these benefits, there is one obvious caveat – the cost of EE. EE already tended to be the priciest of the networks and these unlimited plans are no different, starting from £39 per month for SIMO (compared to Three's £20/pm unlimited data SIM, for example).

That's the price you've got to pay for superfast speeds and unlimited data!

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Why go for an EE phone deal?

We've already mentioned a few of EE's benefits above, but here's a full rundown of what you're getting:

Speeds: EE holds the title as the UK's fastest 4G network and although only time will tell, they hold a good chance of also being the fastest network on 5G when it fully rolls around.

Swappable Benefits: With EE's unlimited data contracts, you're getting access to EE's Swappable Benefits. They range from your choice of subscriptions to Amazon Prime Video or BT Sport, to greater international roaming options and the ability to stream the likes of Netflix and iPlayer without using up a MB of data. Check out all of EE's Swappable Benefit options here.

– No speed caps: Unlike some of Vodafone's unlimited plans, EE doesn't cap your speeds. That means no matter how much you use, you will allows get the same super fast speeds.

– Gifting data:
With all of EE's unlimited data plans – both 4G and 5G – you get 120GB of data to gift to any friends or family linked to the account you're on.

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