EA responds to Star Wars Battlefront II micropayment systems, again


Ah Battlefront II, the game that could’ve defined an entire year in gaming, potentially crushed by some of the most aggressive micropayment systems in a premium game ever seen.

I’ve written about my displeasure with Star Wars Battlefront II’s egregious progression systems before, which incentivize and encourage spending on randomly-generated loot crates in order to progress, but since the game’s beta, a couple of things have changed.

First of all, regardless of how much cash you spend on loot crates in Battlefront II, you will be gated by a global level in order to level up your cards, and thus, your power, putting a limiting factor on the “pay to win” nature the game seemed to present in its previous beta. Read all about that over here.

However, now that Battlefront II is in a trial period via EA Access, we’ve gotten a glimpse at the full breadth of its systems. Oh boy.

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