EA has reportedly put Mass Effect on hiatus and downsized Andromeda's studio, sadface


Mass Effect: Andromeda launched a little while ago, and sadly, it wasn’t the game fans expected (or deserved).

Littered with bugs, graphical anomalies, and myriad engine quirks that negatively impacted the game’s story delivery, Andromeda was, and is, a poster child for “delay and polish.” For whatever reason, though, EA felt it was ready to be shipped as a total mess, albeit with the makings of a tremendous game beneath it all.

Regardless, BioWare heard the feedback loud and clear, and its Montreal studio committed itself to issuing bug fix patches, and even cosmetic upgrades in response to the negative outcry. Sadly, though, it might all be in vain if this report is to be believed.

Source: Windows

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