Dying Light: The Following opens up a whole new world for the acclaimed zombie thriller


In early 2015, Dying Light became one of the year’s first hits on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Polish developer Techland, having already created the popular Dead Island series, went on to craft a new and distinctive game set around a zombie apocalypse. Combining cutting-edge graphics, climbing and parkour, and a gameplay-changing day and night cycle, Dying Light managed to stand out in the overpopulated zombie genre.

This year, Dying Light players get their first chance at a follow-up in the form of an upcoming expansion. Dying Light: The Following takes place directly after the main game ends. Players will leave the city of Harran behind for an entirely new environment: a zombie-infested outback. Drivable vehicles considerably expand the gameplay, while the story of a cult who might have a cure for the zombie contagion drives players forward. We’ve played the beginning of Dying Light: The Following – read on for detailed impressions!

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