Does a driving-wheel controller really make Xbox racing games better?


Best answer: Absolutely. A quality racing wheel gives you an incredible amount of control over your car in racing games, and also makes the experience much more immersive.

Why get a racing wheel controller?

The main reason why people looking to get serious with titles like Forza Horizon 4 should get a driving-wheel controller is that it allows you to control your car much more reliably and efficiently. On the race track, sometimes you need to turn so subtly or sharply that your Xbox One controller analog sticks simply won’t respond the way you want. This is where a wheel comes in, and with one, you can perform these maneuvers with ease. Additionally, they also come with rumble support, which helps give you feedback about how rough of a surface your car is currently driving on.

Another great reason to get a racing wheel is simply that it feels awesome. Using a controller is OK, but using a wheel does make you feel like you’re in the driving seat of the vehicle on your screen.

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