Deep Rock Galactic will run at 1800p on Xbox One X, maintains 60 FPS


Deep Rock Galactic is set to make its public debut soon, with an Xbox One and Windows 10 early access release later this month. Built by ex-members of the original Press Play team, under a new label “Ghost Ship Games,” the mining-themed shooter is shaping up as a promising cooperative experience.

Deep Rock Galactic is set to embrace several aspects of the Xbox One ecosystem, with early access via Xbox Game Preview and supporting a multitude of features via Play Anywhere. The game is also slated to support Microsoft’s latest console, the Xbox One X, delivering enhancements to take advantage of the hardware’s additional overhead.

Speaking to Windows Central, Ghost Ship Games CEO Søren Lundgaard has confirmed the upgrades on track for Deep Rock Galactic on Xbox One X. Currently, the game is expected to hit 1800p on the console, falling short of true 4K to maintain a consistent 60 frames per second (FPS). This is in contrast to the 1080p resolution at 60 FPS set for standard Xbox One consoles. Xbox One X enhancements will ship alongside the game for its Xbox Game Preview launch.

Source: Windows

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