Deep Rock Galactic is a unique mining adventure on Xbox One and Windows 10


Deep Rock Galactic blends exploration and combat, making for a tense cooperative experience.

Burrowing into a cave network among a team of dwarven warriors isn’t your typical set up for a mining operation, especially when armed with miniguns, flamethrowers and an abundance of high-tech gadgets. After being plunged underground in a drop pod, Deep Rock Galactic presents players with a single goal: bring back a trolley of sought-after minerals without dying. Heading into the darkness may be reckless but it is the price to pay to keep your place at the mining corporation.

This establishes the main objective of Deep Rock Galactic, an upcoming cooperative game built around exploration and combat. First conceptualized under Microsoft’s now-shuttered Press Play studio, the title started life as “Project Dwarka,” and now falls under a new label from former members, “Ghost Ship Games.” With the game currently on track for an Xbox One and Windows 10 debut via the Xbox Game Preview program, we went hands-on with our first excavation tasks.

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