Dark Devotion PC review: An intense RPG that's not for out-of-shape adventurers


Dark Devotion is a challenging but satisfying adventure into darkness.

It’s almost impossible to mention difficult games without them being referred to as a “Dark Souls-like experience,” but that could be applied to Dark Devotion. Of all tough rogue-like and role-playing games (RPGs) I’ve played to date, this is the first time I’ve thought of FromSoftware’s series. Dark Devotion is a solid example of a developer taking an addictive formula, throwing in a gorgeous 2D pixel environment with a story, and maintaining satisfying gameplay to create something special.

Released on PC, Dark Devotion is planned for console and Nintendo Switch. You play as a Templar, tasked with exploring the secrets of a fallen temple, balancing your faith, devotion to God and bravery in journeying through deep darkness to uncover mysteries and have all your questions answered. Starting each round fresh, your character will need to be kitted out with various weapons and items you’ll come across before getting absolutely destroyed.

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