Damaged Core review: the nearly flawless shooter!


I’m surrounded, and this body has almost finished rejecting me.

With seconds remaining before I am ejected from my current host, I select another target and fling my consciousness from the mechanized soldier I’m currently in to a sibling unit across the room. Squeezing the trigger, I smile with the realization that this model has a shotgun. The initial blast takes out two of the enemy robots in front of me, alerting the other 15 soldier bots to my presence. Three more trigger squeezes eliminates the first to notice, and as I reload I see the AI for my current body has already started to reject me as its master. My objective isn’t far, but it’s important to be careful about what I do next. I can’t afford to not have another body to jump to, humanity is counting on me. The core must go down, and it must go down today.

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Source: Windows

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