Cyber Complex for Xbox One review: Hack the world


Hack the future.

The year is 2041 and my world is not the one that you know. Corporations have taken the place of governments, and V-Eye controls more than half of the world’s resources. From them came the implant that turned millions of people into worker bees devoid of individuality.

Somehow I’ve managed to break free of the implant, and get my hands on a H4C-kit which I can use the hack the people who stole our lives from us. This, is Cyber Complex.

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Streamlined and simple

Looking at Cyber complex, you’re not going to be wowed by the graphics. They opt for something a bit simpler, with a definite throwback vibe. You control a glowing blue orb on a board filled with tiles.

Everything is painted in either red or blue. Red floating orbs are the seekers who are looking for you to sever your connection to the information you are hacking. Once you’ve hacked a tile it turns blue, and your goal is to turn the entire screen to your color in order to hack everything and capture the information.

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