Cult classic 'The Bard's Tale Trilogy' launches on Xbox One soon says Microsoft


It’s back!

What you need to know

  • The Bard’s Tale is an acclaimed franchise that is regarded as one of the godfathers of the role-playing genre.
  • The Bard’s Tale Trilogy is a remastered collection of the original three games.
  • According to Microsoft, the package is coming to Xbox One in August as part of Xbox Game Pass.
  • You can purchase three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $45 on Amazon.

The role-playing genre in video games as we know it started around 1985 when games like The Bard’s Tale broke onto the scene. The title offered gamers plenty of choices. Not only are The Bard’s Tale: Tales of the Unknown, The Bard’s Tale II: The Destiny Knight, and The Bard’s Tale III: Thief of Fate considered cult classics, but they also helped to formulate a genre we love.

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