Creed: Rise to Glory is an intense VR boxing game that'll make you sweat


Punching your way to success never felt so good.

Boxing games are almost as old as the concept of the modern video game, and the short history of VR has already seen a couple of fun experiences. The folks at Survios, creators of amazingly intense VR games Raw Data and Sprint Vector, are the brains behind turning the ultimate boxing movie into a VR game. It’s called Creed: Rise to Power, and after 10 minutes in the ring this game has earned itself a top spot on my must-own list this year.

Get in the (VR) ring

The demo started off with a tutorial from Rocky Balboa himself. It walks you through the basics of boxing in this world, and rates your performance before sticking you in a ring against a massive opponent. By this point in the demo, I was already working up a bit of a sweat. Throwing the full force of a punch is deeply rewarding, especially as your punch connects with its intended target. The vibrations in the Oculus Touch controllers are just enough to give you the sense of contact, but obviously not quite realistic enough to make it feel like you’ve actually hit something. Check out the clip below for a look at my experience.

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