Crazy Justice picks up cross-play for Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch


Crazy Justice is among the latest titles to announce plans for cross-platform multiplayer, for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PCs.

Black Riddles Studio, the indie developer behind “Crazy Justice,” has announced that the title is on track to receive cross-play across Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. Adding to the existing portfolio of features slated for the third-person shooter, its multiplayer component will allow players to team up with friends between all three platforms.

Crazy Justice was first unveiled earlier this year, promising to deliver a rich offering of both multiplayer and single-player shooter gameplay, in a vibrant cell-shaded style. The game’s feature set focuses on delivering a flexible shooter sandbox, including a dedicated cover system, real-time building mechanics, and destructible environments.

The announcement of cross-platform support fits closely with Crazy Justice’s vision, as a game that places competitive multiplayer at the heart of the experience. Jumping on recent trends, Crazy Justice is already set to offer a PUBG-style “Battle Royale” mode, alongside a team-based objective game type where players defend team coils.

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