Crackdown 3 returns this November with X018 FanFest presence


Crackdown 3 returns this November via Xbox FanFest – home to its anticipated X018 showcase.

Development of Crackdown 3 has been far from an easy ride, following repeated delays since its 2014 unveiling. Its world of neon-lined action has proved promising over the years, leveraging Microsoft’s cloud technology, and onboarding stars like Terry Crews for its roster. Crackdown 3 is currently set for a February 2019 debut, meaning four months remain until its scheduled arrival.

Good news lays ahead for Crackdown fans, with Microsoft now promising the sequel’s return at November’s upcoming Xbox FanFest event in Mexico City. After its absence on the E3 and Gamescom 2018 show floor, Xbox Mexico has confirmed Crackdown 3 among the show’s planned lineup.

Source: Windows

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