Cool runnings: Shred It! Papercraft Snowboarder on Xbox One review


Endless runner games are addictive. That’s their nature.

If they weren’t addictive them people wouldn’t play them. Endless runner games, or free-runners, place you in control of one character that you need to guide through runs, jumps, and other obstacles until you finally can’t keep up and you fall in a pit, go off the track, or crash.

Shred It! Papercraft is a sweet endless runner. Snowboarding through changing environments, over valleys and canyons, while avoiding environmental hazards, you’ll control one of many characters to collect paperclips which can be used for upgrades as you hit the snow to try to get the highest score possible in one run.

Set against a backdrop of hand-torn paper and origami trees, the characters are made of paper, the boards are made of paper, even the snow is folded lined paper. Good thing they seem to be waterproof.

Shred It! has three different modes to play:

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