Chimpact Run, a fun game full of bananas and fireflies for Windows PC and Phone


Chimpact Run is the gaming sequel of sorts to the popular jumping games Chimpact and Chimpact 2. Available for both Windows PC and Phones, the game has you running the game’s main character, Chuck the Chimp, through a series of platform levels to collect bananas and capture fireflies.

Gameplay isn’t a casual walk in the jungle, though. Game levels have plenty of dangers to avoid, but you do have several power-ups to give you a better chance of survival. Graphics are colorful and gameplay will test your skills at timing and patience. The only downside to Chimpact Run is the lack of a trial version. However, in playing the Windows Phone version, if you liked the original Chimpact game, you will find Chimpact Run to be an enjoyable sequel.

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