Build murderous robots in Fallout 4's 'Automatron' DLC, coming on March 22nd


Fallout 4’s first DLC Automatron is set to drop on March 22nd, adding craftable (and murderous) robots to the game.

Automatron will be available as part of the game’s season pass (which now costs $49.99 due to expanded plans), or separately for $9.99. The DLC adds a new quest chain to the game, featuring the self-proclaimed Mechanist, and his legion of angry, blood hungry robots.

Those who take on Mechanist’s minions will be able to build bespoke robotic companions, featuring hundreds of customizable parts all the way down to voices and paint jobs. The trailer gives us a look at some of the potential robots you can build, in addition to some of the game’s new weapons — which include a buzz-saw staff and a chain lightning gun.

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