BT fibre broadband deals have hit lowest price ever – but is it the best option?


While BT is repeatedly one of the most popular ISPs on the market, it also routinely flys right over the competition in terms of price, charging some pretty hefty monthly bills. So when BT announced it was offering its lowest price ever, it was time to celebrate…right?

Well despite hitting its lowest price on its Superfast Fibre package at £27.99, BT is still more expensive than a lot of its competition. For deals with similar or faster speeds, you can get a lower cost from Vodafone, Plusnet, TalkTalk and the Post Office.

That's not to completely rob BT of this value, this is still its lowest ever price on one of its most popular plans and it still costs far less than similar options from Sky, Virgin and John Lewis.

Really, it all comes down to which provider you like being with for your fibre broadband deals. If you like BT, then now is an excellent time to invest in it. However, if you hold no allegiances, one of the below plans could be a cheaper option.

BT's lowest price broadband deal:

The cheapest fibre broadband deals around:

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Source: TechRadar

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