Bridge Constructor Portal review: A clever mashup of puzzles and physics


It was 2011 when we last visited Aperture Labs, but we’re back inside armed to the teeth with construction equipment to erect bridges. And it’s rather brilliant.

Those who may not be familiar with Bridge Constructor, it’s a series of games that task the player with constructing bridges and allowing vehicles to pass across. Resources are limited and only certain anchor points can be used for structural support. It’s a challenging physics game that punishes you for mistakes in calculations and terribly thought out designs.

Portal is Valve’s highly successful puzzle game that sees you summon, leap through and spend countless hours messing with portals. Bridge Constructor Portal fuses both games together into a physics-based puzzle game that will reward you with witnessing vehicle driving lemmings flying across the screen and faceplanting into walls, or punish you with collapsed bridges and supports.

It’s a game you never thought should exist but will be happy it does after spending some time in Aperture.

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