Bricks Crash 2 Free closes out this week's AdDuplex HERO Apps


At first glance, Bricks Crash 2 Free appears to be your typical brick busting Windows Phone game. The game has over sixty puzzle levels to tackle, two gaming modes and ten brick types. The goal is to clear all the bricks from the screen, but the one thing missing is the paddle that keeps your brick-busting ball in play.

Instead, Bricks Crash 2 Free has a little bubble bursting style about it. As an alternative to using a paddle along the bottom of the gaming screen to keep things in play, you launch colored balls to destroy the various bricks on the gaming screen. It’s not that unique of a concept but does help Bricks Crash stand out ever so slightly.

Available for low-memory devices, after spending a little time with Bricks Crash it comes across as a decent game to pass a little time with. It also closes out this week’s AdDuplex HERO Apps lineup.

Source: Windows

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