Borderlands 3 post-launch content and endgame Mayhem Mode revealed


The beginning of a roadmap that hopefully lasts another seven years.

What you need to know

  • Gearbox revealed Mayhem Mode for Borderlands 3, another endgame challenge.
  • The early post-launch roadmap includes free content updates.
  • The first proper piece of DLC is included in the Season Pass.

Gearbox held a panel at PAX West 2019, and although it was delayed because security couldn’t get people into the room fast enough, the company still crammed in plenty of announcements. Borderlands 3 capped off the panel with new endgame content revealed and a look into its post-launch roadmap.

Proving Grounds, the endgame content revealed at Gamescom, will be complemented with another new mode called Mayhem Mode. This mode increases the challenge involved in fighting enemies, which will spawn more commonly as badasses and anointed, with more experience and better loot as a result. It can even modify enemy stats, making them immune to fire, for example. Three Mayhem Modes (Mayhem 1, Mayhem 2, and Mayhem 3) will be available after players complete the game in True Vault Hunter mode.

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