Blair Witch studio talks bringing the epic horror experience to Xbox One


We sat down with the team behind the upcoming Blair Witch game, diving into the project’s inception, Xbox One exclusivity, and Xbox Game Pass ambitions.

Microsoft’s E3 2019 press conference was host to a surprise horror unveiling, with Bloober Team providing the first glimpse of its upcoming Blair Witch video game. Previously famed for Layers of Fear and Observer, the studio has mastered transcending the familiar horror tropes, pursuing an experience driven by player mentality.

Blair Witch retains much of Bloober’s underlying identity, bringing its genre-defining gameplay with the world of the Blair Witch Project. Fusing intense psychological horror with the series’ signature found-footage themes, the game is shaping up as a sleek movie-to-game transition. Headed to Xbox One and PC on August 30, alongside a day-one Xbox Game Pass arrival, we sat down with Bloober Team to discuss the journey so far.

Into the woods

Blair Witch for Xbox One

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