Best PC Gaming Accessories for Laptops


Over the years, gaming laptops have improved immeasurably, shrinking in size while jumping up in power. Battery life remains an issue, and they’re never going to be as powerful with all those components packed into a tiny space, but if you spend a lot of time traveling or simply don’t have room for a desktop in your life, a gaming laptop is the next best thing. You can augment the experience too with a wide range of accessories to offset the reduced specs of your native hardware, and that’s what we’re looking at here.

Superior mouse

HyperX Pulsefire

HyperX makes a range of great gaming accessories, and recently I took their Pulsefire FPS Pro for a spin, and it quickly became my favorite pointer. Complete with robust Windows software and a wide range of features, the 16,000 DPI Pulsefire FPS sports an ergonomic design, complete with a powerful PixArt sensor and six customizable buttons to enhance your game.

$60 at Amazon

Keyboard free

Xbox One controller

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