Best Official Halo Merchandise in 2019


Ever since its original release way, way back in 2001 (I was only three years old!) the Halo series has become one of the most widely known and commercially successful science fiction video game franchises in history, superseded only by titans of entertainment such as Star Wars and Star Trek. As such, the Halo universe has been the basis of a lot of official merchandise over the years, ranging from shirts to keychains and everything between. Here are some of our favorite official pieces of Halo merchandise.

Best Xbox controller

Spartan Locke Xbox Controller

Staff favorite

This limited edition Spartan Locke Xbox Controller has a sleek silver, gray, and blue design that looks like the armor that Spartan Locke wears in-game. It’s hard to find, so pick one up before they sell out again. There’s also a code included that gives you a REQ pack in Halo 5: Guardians.

$200 at Amazon

Runner-up Xbox controller

Master Chief Xbox Controller

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