Best ID@Xbox indie games for Xbox One


A lot of people think of small, short and less interesting games when the hear the words “indie game,” thankfully, it’s certainly not the case!

The ID@Xbox program has helped many developers to get their games on the Xbox Store, making Xbox an excellent platform for smaller developers. While this list may mention a few titles you already are familiar with, expect to find something new to spend your weekend on too!

I Am Bread

I Am Bread is a crispy parody game, with a slice of a dark backstory. The game saw its Xbox One launch on January 20th 2017, bringing the amazing adventure to Microsoft’s gaming ecosystem, for breader or worse.

I Am Bread brings allows you to control a living slice of bread, seeking to become a perfected version of itself; the toast. You spin chaotically around the room in order to reach various heat-giving objects. While it all may sound fun and happy, the game has a lot of meaning behind it. By exploring different levels the game offers, you will slowly but steady start to understand what the whole game is about.

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