Best Gameloft Games for Windows 10


Windows 10 games are fantastic ways to lose track of time with, and Gameloft offers a wide assortment of great titles that fit this bill rather nicely. The Gameloft collection includes intense combat games, high-speed racing games, endless runners and more.

All of them share quality graphics, easy controls and challenging gameplay, and it is hard to find a bad gaming title in Gameloft’s portfolio. While we wish Gameloft had continued support for Spider-man Unlimited, there are plenty of quality games still on the Store’s shelves. Let’s take a look at the best games that Gameloft has to offer for Windows 10 PC and Mobile!

Updated April 24, 2017: We made a few changes to this article based on new releases, reader input and staff debate. There are some new titles in the mix, as well as those that we continue to view as the best from the Windows Store.

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