Best CPU for Playing The Division 2 on PC


Not only do we know all about gaming on PC, but we’re also knowledgeable when it comes to building the ideal gaming rig. The Division 2 is a demanding game and requires powerful components to really enjoy it. Here’s what you’ll need.

The AMD Ryzen 5 2600 is the best CPU you can buy for The Division 2 in terms of performance and value.

AMD Ryzen 5 2600

Insane value CPU

AMD offers exceptional value with its Ryzen family of processors and the Ryzen 5 2600 is the best of the bunch, with performance that rivals an Intel Core i5 9600K and a price to put a smile on any owner’s face.

Who should buy this CPU?

Looking to play The Division 2 and are thinking about building a new PC? You’ll want to include the AMD Ryzen 5 2600 in that build spec. Not only is it affordable, but it’s also fantastic for games and productivity.

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