Beginner's guide to Behemoths in Battlefield 1


How do behemoths work in Battlefield 1?

Behemoths are an interesting new feature of the Battlefield series. They only enter play when one team or the other has fallen behind in Conquest or Operations, and they are a clever way to even out mismatched teams.

Let’s take a look at where each Behemoth spawns, how to use each Behemoth most effectively, and how to remove Behemoths from the battlefield as quickly as possible.

What triggers a Behemoth?

Behemoths enter the game in Conquest and Operations modes when a team has fallen behind. Behemoths last until the round ends or the opposing team manages to completely deplete its health bar.

In Conquest, if the difference in tickets meets or exceeds 100, the losing team will receive a Behemoth.

In Operations, if the attacking team fails to take a sector, they will receive a Behemoth on their next attempt at taking the sector.

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